Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Survived Thanksgiving (and had fun doing it!)

16 people, 8 of them are in this picture.  Ages 7, 5, 4, 3, 3, 15 mos, 7 mos and 6 mos all in my home for one week. 
It was loud, there were tears, there were more laughs.  There was dancing, story reading, puzzle doing, make believe happening.

There were trucks being played with, soccer balls kicked, bikes ridden, and playing at Ikea (and getting kicked out of Ikea play area because you are being defiant and trying to protect your little cousin…we won’t name names *ahem*).

There was pie (all week), the magic candy pocket, drumsticks from Grandpa, new foods eaten, Children’s Museum, parks and sand.

There was laughter and love and memories made.
We can’t wait to do it again.
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The Evolution of a Babywearing Prairie Mama

I have been babywearing now for almost 9 years. My journey actually starts 11 years ago when my Sister had her 6th baby. She is the research queen and found this thing called a Maya Wrap.  She told me all about how Women in other countries wear their babies to get their work done.  I thought it was brilliant.

When Emma was born, my dear Sister gifted me her Maya Wrap.  After a bit of work, I was able to get her in it comfortably and we were off.  I wore Emma around the house, to the park, on walks, to the store, walking through New Orleans and everywhere in between.  It was about this time that I heard about theErgo baby carrier and bought one for Emma.  It came 2 weeks before she died and I wore her in it once, to the mailbox and back.

Shortly after I learned I was pregnant with Seth, my Sister found out she was pregnant with baby number 7.  Knowing I had a hard time parting with anything I used with Emma, she let me keep the Maya Wrap and bought herself a new one.

Over the next few years I would buy another Maya Wrap, learn how to tie 6 yards of fabric around my body as a wrap, sell my old Ergo and upgrade to a new one, use a pouch sling and learn how to make my own slings.

I wear my babies everywhere we go for the first year of their lives, at least until they can walk.  Then I use it as comfort when they are needing Mama, to keep them close when they are trying to run away, and as a spot where they can always run to.
And, can you believe I only have ONE of me wearing Elliott?  AND, it was taken by my sister-in-law AND I was being a stinker.  Oh well, we have lots of times to capture the babywearing memories that are yet to come.
What is your evolution of babywearing? How do you wear your baby?


I sit in the cool room, enjoying relief from the oppressive heat.  I know soon enough I will have to go back out into it, but for now I am just enjoying this sweet respite.  We play games, read books, watch movies, and itch to go back outside. To play in nature once again, to ride bikes without sweat pouring out of helmets, to climb in trees and to once again play in the great outdoors.
We walk out into the heat and it hits us like the opening of an oven.  Our bodies bristle at the intense change in temperature, but we forge ahead knowing there is no other option.
I leave the children, all of them, with Jeremy for an evening. The baby is asleep in his bed, the older three are getting ready for bed.  I get dressed and actually do my hair.  It is not very often that anyone sees me without spit-up stained shirt and baby slobber in my hair.  I am going out by myself and I can’t wait.
It is a girls’ night out with girls I have never met before.  I don’t care that I won’t know anyone, it is a chance to get away and not have to take care of anyone other than myself for a blissful two hours.
I go and have fun. We talk about our children, what works, what doesn’t. We talk about our lives. Our pre-motherhood selves, the ones that sometimes feel lost.  We sit, we laugh, we listen.  It is a respite for my heat-ravaged soul.
The hour is drawing near and I know I will have to go back soon.  I sit enjoying my time, say my goodbyes and head into the car.  He texts me, “You coming home soon?”.  I text back that I am on my way.  I am wondering how the baby did. My heart is missing it’s other pieces and longing for them again.  My breasts are full and ready to nurse.  I am feeling ready.
I start the car and and enjoy the last 30 minutes of silence.  I pull into the driveway and sit for a minute.  I sit in the silence and prepare my body and soul for going back into the heat.

Sewing Inspiration

I really love sewing, being creative, and designing new items of clothing for my kids.  A couple weeks ago the elementary school had College week.  The kids were told to wear the t-shirt from their favorite college.  We have a KU shirt for Seth, but not Amelia.  Not sure how that one happened!
So, I got one of Jeremy’s eleventybillion old KU shirts, and made my sweet girl a dress.  And as handsome as my husband is, I TOTALLY think it looks cuter on Amelia than it ever did on him.

I used elastic in the neck, bias tape as an edging on the bottom and my favorite fold over elastic on the sleeves.  So fun and she LOVES it!

So cute if I do say so myself :)  If you know of someone who would love something like this, please send them my way.  I have just listed them in myshop.